We welcome you to cellulose research page of Volga State University of Technology

Cellulose with its derivatives have always been of high practical interest in many branches of industrial and agricultural production. This is due to such unique properties of cellulose as renewability, biodegradability, and potential for directional rearrangement of its supramolecular structure under influences of external physicochemical, mechanical and biological impacts.

For several decades our scientific group is engaged in deep study of the supramolecular structure and sorption properties of cellulose and the state of water adsorbed by its fibers. TD-NMR (Time-Domain Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) is the main research technique because it is noninvasive, has short duration of a single measurement and high accuracy of results. As well as NMR our studies are based on sorption and electrophysical measurements, ionometry, atomic absorption spectroscopy, and atomic force microscopy.

Our results can be applied to routine scientific research of polymers, improvement of physicochemical characteristics of cellulosic materials and finding of cost-effective solutions in textile, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, and food industries.