Fundamental Research

We are offering the model of the layered supramolecular organization of cellulose microfibrils, assuming into account the presence of slit-shaped pores between structural elements. The scheme of specific adsorption process of water by active surface of cellulose has been developed. It bases on the theories of Langmuir, BET, GAB, Gibbs and Dubinin-Radushkevich. The key aim of our scientific activity is to study the interaction nature of different cellulose types with water. Investigations the processes of polymer dispersion and the additional capillary-porous system formation in moistening are the important tasks. We are paying deep attention an analysis of dependence of crystallinity degree and specific surface area on physicochemical and biological impacts.

Cellulose chemical formula image

​​​​​​​​​​​​Practical applications

  • Determination of monolayer capacity, crystallinity degree, specific surface area, crystallite transverse dimensions, porosity.
  • Estimation of adsorbate thermodynamic characteristics, such as the adsorption equilibrium constant, the Gibbs energy, the interaction enthalpy, the entropy change in Gibbs layers, and much another.
  • Prediction of the sorption properties of materials based on different types of cellulose.
  • The study of aging and stabilization processes.
  • Monitoring and study of the structure and properties of cellulosic materials at different stages of their production.
  • Development of cellulose-based superadsorbents.